Waste Management

Waste management using RFID technology 101: why, how and benefits for implement RFID in waste management     

Updated on 2022/5/6


Why RFID could help for the waste management?

Urban garbage can not be ignored, with the rapid development of urban construction, sanitation work has become a thorny problem.The number and distribution of sanitation facilities, the implementation of garbage collection times, daily garbage cleaning, timely garbage transfer and timely scheduling will become important links of sanitation transportation supervision.RFID technology helps to collect information of all links, build a smart sanitation platform, and facilitate the development of smart cities.

Problems encountered in urban waste management:

1. Unable to master the number and distribution of implementation, waste management is not timely and more labor is invested.

2, Can not timely garbage cleaning, causing air pollution, environmental pollution.

3, Garbage cleaning transportation, not in accordance with the specified route to clean up garbage, leakage, or some speeding work.

4, Can not do garbage timely cleaning, timely inspection, impact on the environment.

5. The phenomenon of management staff escaping from posts and running through posts appears


In order to improve the efficiency of urban garbage collection and management, it is necessary to apply RFID reading and writing devices in waste resource management solutions, and equip waste recycling vehicles with RFID readers and bins with bin tags.

RFID is an easy way to keep track of bins in a council, whether it be residential bins, council litter bins in parks, shopping strips, or office block commercial bins. The values for Council, Bin Manufacture and Waste Contactor may differ, providing benefits to each entity. Implementing RFID requires input from different companies having different responsibilities.

How to implement RFID in waste management?

  1. RFID tags for the garbage cans

Ordinary garbage can stick ordinary label, stick anti-metal RFID tags for metal garbage bucket .Each bin is tagged with a RFID tag; as each RFID tag had a unique ID NO., you can record a specific bin to a property along with the visible bin serial number and RFID number via writing the RFID tag. When looking for a specific bin by RFID it’s easy to be viewed when looking at a bin.



  1. RFID hardware for the sanitation trucks

  • An RFID reader on each truck. This detects bins as they are emptied. The reader transmits all lift data to the softwareportal and to the tablet in the truck.
  • A Rugged7″ Industrial Tablet that is mounted in each truck. The tablet is used for communication between the bin RFID reader, other trucks, and head office. It uses GPS data to track and report localised issues on the road or the nature strip.
  • A handheld PDA with RFID reader. Used for bin managing and bin roll


About the waste management solution, in order to prevent the sudden read and write device condition, the “read and write device self-recovery mode” is developed for it, so that the device can run in a special environment for a long period of time without failure, while saving a lot of manpower and material resources maintenance and replacement costs.

  1. Install GPS locatorand 360°camera system on the sanitation trucks

For each sanitation car (sprinkler, road sweeper, garbage truck, etc.), used to judge the location of the sanitation car, the route, etc. The camera system consists of four cameras that can provide multiple views, including a 2D bird’s eye four camera stitched-around vehicle view (top view) for larger vehicles for improved imagery.

4. End to end software support

The software/platform allows you to monitor, analyse and report on Waste, FOGO, and Recycling.

It will including functions:

Photographic evidence
Fully integrated DVR
Run and route planning
Fatigue management
Real-time GPS tracking
Operations intelligence
Industrially designed vehicle hardware
KPI collection and statistics


What’re the benefits from implement RFID for waste management?

Waste Resource Management solutions use RFID equipment and technology to solve four core problems:

  1. Asset Management:

By giving identity to the dustbin, when the dustbin is wrongly placed or carelessly discarded can be accurately identified;

  1. Garbage recycling information collection and operation cost control of recycling vehicle:

Through garbage generation frequency and weight data, summary data, that can generate real-time data report, and use AI to generate dynamic recovery route, save human and material costs;

  1. Collection of community environmental data:

Combine GPS data, garbage bin ID and environmental camera to accurately and efficiently identify environmental pollution events and submit them to relevant departments;

  1. Clear job responsibilities:

Through RFID tags, GPS satellite positioning and environmental photography, ensure that the staff  carry out garbage collection actively and timely.


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