10Oct 2017

Light Pioneer launched a series of high temperature UHF On-metal tags for industrial markets and health care line. The high temperature series RFID tags are specially designed as the most rugged On-metal RFID tags in the world for harsh application environment. Except featuring On-metal usage and a new anti-UV industry grade polymer casing and IP68 Ingress Protection […]

19Aug 2017

LightPioneer Handheld Reader LP-006 and LP-006-G have already supported OTG Wired Internet Access for now   What is OTG? USB On-The-Go, often abbreviated to USB OTG or just OTG, that allows USB devices, such as our PDA or Handheld Readers, to act as a host, making other USB devices be attached to them. Thus realized Wired Internet Access […]

02Sep 2017

China’s Xi’an airport deployed UHF RFID Technology to verify passengers’ identity by utilizing portable UHF reader with UHF tags. LightPioneer’s handheld terminal(LP-006) helps automatically captures passengers’ information, in case passengers get on the wrong car. Every passenger who purchased tickets online got an unique 2D barcode from the seat reservation voucher of Airport Shuttle Bus. Airport staff […]

30Jun 2017

  As a professional supplier of special on-metal UHF tags, LightPioneer help our solutions partner accomplish the electrical safety equipment management project for South China Power Group, utilizing our SMART metal-mount UHF tag series, which is specially designed for small metallic tool, little metal containers etc. with limited space for tags.   By comparing various […]

28Jun 2017

Light Pioneer introduces its latest version regarding the LP-006-G UHF RFID Handheld Reader with pistol grip design  After releasing the LP-006-G smart handheld terminal in late 2016, now Light Pioneer announced the release of their Latest version of powerful long range UHF Handheld terminal supporting multiple reading Max. 600 UHF tags. This update is based on […]

28Jun 2017

RFID help to overcome Aerospace MRO difficulty Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations had brought a lot of challenges for manufacturers and other enterprises. In the aviation industry, artificial tracking is very common, it need technical personnel records a serial number of parts that are hard to reach and then continue working. MRO is a […]

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