LightPioneer Handheld Reader LP-006 and LP-006-G have already supported OTG Wired Internet Access for now


What is OTG?

USB On-The-Go, often abbreviated to USB OTG or just OTG, that allows USB devices, such as our PDA or Handheld Readers, to act as a host, making other USB devices be attached to them. Thus realized Wired Internet Access through OTG line.

Internet Access and Data transmit between two handheld terminals usually by Wifi or 4G network, but there are many security risks through the WiFi connection network.


Insecurity of WiFi wireless internet access

  1. WiFi transmitted through a specific radio wave, within the range of this transmission frequency, anyone with the appropriate receiving device can capture the signal, which is bound to affect the security of a local area network.
  1. Encryption of wireless transmitter (base station) is enabled by default at the factory, so those are normally transmitted in clear text, and any special software can easily capture these signals.
  1. Most of the wireless base stations that provide SSID (base network name) and manager password are factory defaults. It will be easy to get the password if it didn’t be changed.
  1. Most of the factory defaults, WPA (wireless protection access) is to broadcast their SSID, so that everyone will know the wireless network name (when you connect to the wireless network need to use the parameters).
  1. Encryption scheme used by the majority of consumers are basically WEP (wireless encryption protection). This encryption method still exists a lot of weaknesses, making it easy to be cracked. But it doesn’t mean that wireless can not be designed to be a very secure network. The way is to change the default settings, turn off SSID broadcast, using a stronger encryption methods, such as WPA, rather than select WEP, and use additional security tools, such as MAC address filtering.


Above all, Wired transmission will be more secure. Considering this point, we added OTG function on our Handheld Reader LP-006 and LP-006-G. Handheld terminal plug in the OTG line, and then connect a USB cable network card (one is the USB port, the other one is the network cable jack), it will achieve wired internet access and ensure data security at the same time, the operation is also easy and convenient.


The advantages of a wired network

  1. Wired network bandwidth and stability can not be replaced WiFi within a short time. Wireless network is a half-duplex, less channel, interference easily, while Wired networks have little interference with each other. For example, if two computers transfer files, when using WiFi, it may speed 1 ~ 2MB / s or so, the speed will be lower if network is busy. But for wired network, if both sides are Fast network, transmission speed can reach 10MB / s.
  2. More secure. Wired network does not need to broadcast information in the network, as long as the hardware in the control can guarantee the safety of the network. And the wireless network is transmitted through a specific radio waves, within the effective range of transmission frequencies, having any suitable devices may capture the receiving signal of the frequency, which is bound to affect the security of a local area network.



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