LightPioneer ATEX high-temp series is the ultimate Industrial RFID tags engineered for Manufacturing and Production, which is able to work under high temperatures(up to 320℃), Shocks, Chemicals, Pressure, Waterproof, providing consistent reliable performance and durability are critical. Our UHF RAIN RFID tag’s rugged design delivers full performance with industry-grade mounting solutions, an IP68 rating, and a read range of 3~10m meters on metal, ideal for tracking industrial metal parts from the start of the manufacturing process to the end of the manufacturing process.

Below is our high temperature RFDI UHF tags actual test process for share:

  1. At 9 a.m., prepare 5pcs high-temp RFID tags, put them in the oven and adjust the temperature to 300 degrees. Test tag size is 13 x 38 x 7.7mm.

2. At 3 p.m., the high-temperature experiment was finished, and stop baking. After the temperature was cooled, it was measured in the microwave anechoic chamber, and the reading distance was above 8 meters.

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