Light Pioneer launched a series of high temperature UHF On-metal tags for industrial markets and health care line. The high temperature series RFID tags are specially designed as the most rugged On-metal RFID tags in the world for harsh application environment. Except featuring On-metal usage and a new anti-UV industry grade polymer casing and IP68 Ingress Protection rating for outdoor applications, it could withstand long term super high temp 250℃, acid and alkaline resistance, and can be subjected to ultrasonic cleaning for long time. The HT series of tags are with flexible installation, such as rivets, screws fixed, or two-side glue, super glue etc. Also we recommend the brand high temperature glue to work with the tag for your harsh solutions. This series of UHF on-metal RFID tags reliability test include: high temperature and high pressure test, high and low temperature alternating test, vibration test, ultrasonic, acid and alkali washing test. The high level of durability improves RFID tag lifetime of up to 10 years, even for harsh industrial environments and we see an even greater return on investment.

Now the high temp series of RFID tags was tested in Australian hospital for two weeks, and the test indicated that they can still be read exactly in autoclave after 70 cycles testing.



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