Quality Assurance




select branded substrate manufacturers as our row material supplier, only the procurement of high-quality tag substrate


After several years of quality, delivery and other aspects of choice, our supply chain has been completed, we achieve stable relations and  long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with leading row material suppliers from Korea and Yangtze River Delta, that ensure the quality of raw materials are in a leading level in the RFID tag industry. We adhere to only provide high-quality substrate and only produce high performance tags with reliable quality and reasonable price, allowing customers to get the most cost-effective products and services.


Exclusive R&D abilityIndependent production technology to ensure the craft


We have exclusive capacity of antenna design and performance validation,

developed a wide range of anti-metal tags for customers from different industries. We have gained rich experience on tag design, combined with our own large-scale production capacity and many years of discussion and verification for the unique production methodprocess of special tags, ensure that all aspects of the product was completely controlled, defective products will not flow into the market.


100% performance testing and frequency sampling


Our automatic detection line and spectrum analyzer ensure advanced level of detection performance and testing. Through the RSSI value of the entire process to monitor the tag performance. We implement initial processing for each batch of tags to guarantee traceability. The finished products were tested by the rfid detector on the tag sensitivity and Min. power start to ensure the accuracy of frequency deviation value.





No damage to human factors, Light Pioneer provide one year warranty for our RFID tags,  two year warranty for our RFID readers and life-long maintenance.

In-warranty period, we provide free replacement including freight charge for any defective pieces.

Out-of-warranty period, any maintenance will be charged as current price, exclude freight.


Please contact support@lightpioneer.com or the specify sales for after sale services.

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