IMPINJ Revolution R2000 UHF 4-port RFID Reader (LP-004)

IMPINJ Revolution R2000 UHF 4-port RFID Reader (LP-004)

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IMPINJ Revolution R2000 UHF 4-port RFID reader

(FCC/IC-ID approval)


This IMPINJ 4-port RFID UHF fixed reader/writer is an exclusive design by Light Pioneer,  it’s one of the most popular readers on the market.
Its high performance and high efficiency had created for anyone and everyone looking for high quality, high value and high usability.

Key Features 

1. RF transceiver uses Impinj Indy R2000.  

2. High performance anti-collision algorithm:

3. Optimized algorithm for a little of tags:

◆Better tag response time.
◆Optimized for small tag quantity applications.

4. Dual CPU architecture:

◆Main CPU is responsible for tag inventory, assistant CPU is responsible for data management.

◆Inventory and data transfer are parallel and simultaneous. This feature improves the total performance significantly

◆Assistant CPU is responsible for generating real random number.

◆Assistant CPU is responsible for system operating surveillance.

5. Fast 4 antenna switch inventory:

◆High speed inventory therefore antennas could beswitched rapidly. The minimum inventory duration for an antenna is 25ms.
◆Every antenna’s inventory duration is configurable.

6. Two inventory modes:

◆Buffer mode and real time mode.
◆In buffer mode, inventoried tag will be stored in buffer. This mode improves the efficiency of multi tag inventory.
◆In real time mode, inventoried tag will send the data in real time. This mode allows user toget tag’s data instantly.

7. Hardware system halt detection:

◆Hardware CPU status surveillance.
◆Run for 24 hours X 365 days without system halt.

8.Low operation voltage DC12-18V.

9. Low power consumption:

◆Maximum out power only needs 1.3A +/-10% (12V DC Input).
◆Low-power Mode, single tag only 300mA +/-10% (12V DCInput).

10. PA health surveillance:

◆PA status surveillance.
◆Make sure PA never works under saturated state.Protected it for long term operation.

11. 18000-6B/C full compatible:

◆100% 18000-6B/C compatible.
◆Can be switched rapidly between protocols.

12. 18000-6B large data read/write:

◆Read 216 bytes in one time takes less than 500ms.
◆Write 216 bytes in one time takes less than 3.5s.
◆Can also read/write data with various lengths.
◆Extremely stable (approximate 100% success rate).

13. Antenna connection detection:

◆Detect antenna connection.
◆Protecting RF receiver.
◆Can be cancelled by command.

14.Excellent industrial design:

◆Disposable cast aluminum body which is a classic model in the industry.

15.High quality connector system:

◆All the connector be used are famous brand products with best quality. Ensure a reliable connection.

16.Excellent onboard power system:

◆8 independent power supplies on board. Every unit issupplied independently.
◆All of the power supply has soft start function. Improves the stability of the power supply system.

17.Multi-board temperature sensor:

◆Multi point surveillance, Accurate monitoring system operating temperature.

18.Dual backup power output correction:

◆Make sure output power can be fine adjusted.
◆Two mutually backup power parity modules. Unless alsodamaged, the system can operate normally.

19.Concise and effective command system:

◆Serial communication interface.
◆Simple, convenient and effective for easy integration.

20.Excellent thermal design:

◆All heating devices have thermal structure.
◆A large area of heat sink contact surface.
◆Thermal coupling interface using high thermal conductivity solid materials which are non-volatile under high     temperature.
◆Disposable cast aluminum body, long-term continuous operation without heat.


Technical Specifications

 Model NO.  LP-004  Output Power  0 – 33dBm
 Dimension  198mm(L) x 198mm(W) x 27mm(H)  Output Power Precision  +/- 1dB
 Weight  1.8 Kg  Output Power Flatness  +/- 0.2dB
 Body Material  Die-cast aluminum  Receive Sensitivity  < -85 dBm
 Input Voltage  DC 12V – 18V  Peak Inventory Speed  > 700 tags/sec
 Standby Mode Current  <30mA  Tag Buffer Size  1000 tags @ 96 bitEPC
 Sleep Mode Current  <100uA  Tag RSSI  Supported
 Max Operating Current  600mA  +/-5% @ DC 12V Input  Antenna Detector  Supported
 Operating Temperature  – 20 °C  –  + 55  °C  Ambient Temp Monitor  Supported
 Storage Temperature  – 20 °C  –  + 85  °C  Working Mode  Single/DRM
 Humidity  < 95% ( + 25 °C)  Host Communication  RS-232 or TCP/IP
 Air Interface Protocol  EPC Global UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C  GPIO  2 inputs optical coupling

2 outputs optical coupling

 ISO 18000-6B  Max Baud Rate  115200 bps
 Spectrum Range  860Mhz – 960Mhz  Heat Dissipation  Air cooling
 Supported Regions US, Canada and other regions following U.S. FCC, Europe and other regions following ETSI EN 302 208 with & without LBT regulations, Mainland China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan

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