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Smallest UHF RFID Passive Tags Used in Asset Tracking(LP-0505)   Description: The LP-0505 is the smallest RFID tag. The size is 5x5x3mm with a read distance of 0.3-0.6m. This passive UHF Class 1 Gen 2 ceramic read-on-metal tags can be embedded into assets for RFID tracking in the aerospace, industrial, healthcare and other industries and […]

EPC Gen2 Industrial Passive UHF Transponder RFID Tag(LP-1620)   Description: The LP-1620 is a mini round uhf rfid tag, reading distance can reach 1.5m by Handheld reader. LP-1620 can be applied in IT asset management, production line management,etc. The embeddable tag is waterproof and antifouling, can satisfy special environment.   Features: Excellent reading and writing […]

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