EPC Gen2 Industrial Passive UHF Transponder RFID Tag(LP-1620)

EPC Gen2 Industrial Passive UHF Transponder RFID Tag(LP-1620)

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EPC Gen2 Industrial Passive UHF Transponder RFID Tag(LP-1620)



The LP-1620 is a mini round uhf rfid tag, reading distance can reach 1.5m by Handheld reader. LP-1620 can be applied in IT asset management, production line management,etc. The embeddable tag is waterproof and antifouling, can satisfy special environment.



Excellent reading and writing performance
Embedded uhf tags
Long distance rfid identification


Protocol ISO18000-6C(EPC C1G2)
Operating Frequency 902-928MHz, 865-867MHz
Working Mode Read/Write
Polarization Mode Linear
Memory EPC:96 bits, (Can add 512 bits)

1.5K & 64K Optional

Data Protection Password Change,Lock and Destroyed
Data Maintain Over 10 years, Write circle above 100,000 times
Operation Temperature -30~85℃/ -22~185℉
Storage Temperature -40~150℃ / -40~302℉
Reading Distance Above 1.5m (Handheld Reader with 28dBm)
Above 2.5m (Fixed Reader with 30dBm)
(Reading distance depends on the environment,readers,etc)
Size Ø16*2mm
Weight 1.35g
IP Rate IP65
Color Black(Can be Customized)


About chip for high memory UHF tags — Quanray Qstar-2A

Qstar-2A is a highly integrated single chip UHF RFID Tag IC. The chip conforms to the EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 protocol, and therefore capable of identify speeds of up to 200 tags per second (based on 96-bit EPC).

Qstar-2A operates at extremely low power levels, and read and write performance is enhanced by Qstar-2A’s proprietary antenna diversity approach, affording insensitivity to tag orientation and overall robust operation.

Qstar-2A is implemented in a low cost CMOS process and uses proven and cost effective EEPROM technology.

Qstar-2A offers maximum 64k bits User memory for widely application. User memory can write locked on 4k bits boundaries, supporting a variety of public/private usage models. To preserve privacy and prevent unauthorized tampering, Qstar-2A also features a kill switch with secure 32-bit password protection.


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