Mini RFID UHF Tracking On Metal Tags(LP-0909)

Mini RFID UHF Tracking On Metal Tags(LP-0909)

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Mini RFID UHF Tracking On Metal Tags(LP-0909)



This mini UHF rfid tag LP-0909 is specially designed for rfid tool tracking system. It provides good performance on-metal carrier. It can be read well in outdoor and harsh industrial environments. This UHF Passive RFID Tag is ideally suitable for asset tracking, surgical instruments management,gun control.



Excellent performance for reading and writing
Support embedded in metal


Protocol ISO18000-6C(EPC C1G2)
Operating Frequency 902-928MHz, 865-867MHz
Working Mode Read/Write
Polarization Mode Linear
Memory EPC:96 bits, (Can add 512 bits)
Data Protection Password Change,Lock and Destroyed
Data Maintain Over 10 years, Write circle above 100,000 times
Operation Temperature -30~85℃/ -22~185℉
Storage Temperature -40~150℃ / -40~302℉
Reading Distance Above 0.6m (Handheld Reader with 28dBm )
Above 1.0m (Fixed Reader with 30dBm )
(Reading distance depends on the environment,readers,etc)
Size Ø9*3mm
Weight 1.05g
IP Rate IP65
Color Black(Can be Customized)



Surgical instrument management
Medical device tracking

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