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LightPioneer’s LP-118-H rugged Long-Range UHF Handheld RFID Reader brings a new level of efficiency to inventory management, Warehouse and Distribution,Transportation and Logistics etc., with superior RFID read performance, range, and an integrated UHF reader boost task speed and ease of use. The portable rfid reader has a linear polarized RFID antenna for 60 ft long range reading. The handheld scanner features standard- […]

LightPioneer LP-118 handheld RFID reader is for using mobile computers when high-performance RFID reading in a compact, lightweight package is required. Sleek, semi-rugged, and lightweight, Its integrated rfid reader provide 8 ft read range combination with HoneyWell 2D scanner,  helps speed up retail inventory counts, omni-channel order fulfillment, product receiving, shelf restocking, and pick lists, increasing efficiency and […]

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