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Micro Tiny Passive RFID Tags For Library Management(LP-1313)   Description: The LP-1313 is a uhf rfid tag work best for Europen Frequency, reading distance can reach 1.5m. LP-1313 can be applied in IT asset management,medical instruments management, production line management,etc.This embedded ceramic tag have a excellent performance even in harsh environment, and can be waterproof,durable. […]

RFID Passive On Metal Tag Tracking For Tools(LP-2117)   Description: LP-2117 is a ceramic uhf rfid tag, which can be used on metal, reading distance reach 1.5m, providing solution for Surgical Instruments, IT asset management, LP-2117 has an excellent performance even in harsh environment.   Features: Industrial high durable uhf tag Embedded uhf tags   […]

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