STEEL INDUSTRIAL passive RFID tags on metal

STEEL INDUSTRIAL passive RFID tags on metal


LightPioneer STEEL series is the ultimate Industrial RFID tags engineered for Manufacturing and Production, which is able to work under high temperatures(up to 320℃), Shocks, Chemicals, Pressure, Waterproof,providing consistent reliable performance and durability are critical.

Dimensions (mm) 49.5 x 50 x 11.5
Operating frequency 905-928 MHz


IC type Impinj R6-P
Memory configuration 126-bit-EPC bits; 32-bit user memory
Functionality Read / write (user programmed)
Read Range

on-metal(2W ERP)

Up to 10M
Operating Temperature -30°C to +85°C
Ambient Temperature -30°C to +320°C

(Constant 6hrs testing under 320℃)

Protection Class  IP68
Mounting System Rivet hole Φ5.0 mm

Epoxy Resin

Data retention 50 years
Warranty (limited) 3 years

Application: High-Temperature Production

Paint Shop

Work-In-Process for manufacturing

Automotive Assembly

RTI Management

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