Intelligent Security RFID Gate With AI algorithm technology

Intelligent Security RFID Gate With AI algorithm technology

Product Introduction:

This intelligent AI RFID gate reader is an anti-theft management device support EPC C1 G2 (ISO18000-6C). It utilizes a unique deep learning algorithm and possesses advanced capabilities in deep learning. it effectively eliminates misreads by only reading the tags pass it but not any other nearby tags. Equipped with light alarm functions, when restricted items are unlawfully taken out of the controlled area, the RFID reader will automatically trigger an alarm loudly. Also it come with a large screen which is able to display item details passed by.

The RFID gate reader consists of an RFID reading and writing module, antenna, structural components and unique developed algorithm. with sleek and elegant design. The maximum output power is 32dbm with power levels ranging from 8 to 32dbm. It supports both online and offline mode.



Eliminate misreading algorithms: Yes

Antenna: 10dbi

Working Freq: 902-928MHz or 865-868MHz

Voltage standing wave ratio: ≤1.3

Power: ≤30W

Multi-channel: Max. 16 channels supported

Size: 1350*320*92mm

Weight: 26KG

Installation: Expansion bolt, Base plate(option)

Recommend width: 100cm (The increase in width will decrease recognition rate)

Communication: Ethernet



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