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Customized Size PCB RFID Library Management UHF Tag(LP-4010)   Description: LP-4010(40*10*2.8mm) is a cost-effective PCB metallic tag, specially designed and produced for the Library and Shelf in archives. The PCB raw material make tags durable, and can increase the tags service life. The size is customized based on project requirements.   Features: Small Size UHF […]

PCB RFID Metallic UHF Tag with Samll Size(LP-3613)   Description: LP-3613 is a small size PCB metallic uhf tag, with excellent reading and writing performance, satisfied most requirements of IT asset management. LP-3613 support 1.5K or 64k high memory chip optional, which specially suit Aerospace field.   Features: Super Mini Size Easy to install Industrial […]

Small PCB RFID Mounted on Metal Tags(LP-2409)   Description: LP-2409 is a super small PCB metallic tag, with 24*9*2.8 mm size. The reading distance can reach 0.4 m with Handheld readers, specially designed for the IT asset tracking and Manufacturing Management,etc.   Features: Super Mini Size Easy to install Industrial durable tag   Protocol ISO18000-6C(EPC C1G2) […]

5m Reading Distance PCB On-Metal RFID UHF tag(LP-8020)   Description: LP-8020 is a top-rated PCB tag with 80*20*3.3 mm size, has a excellent performance in metal environment. Reading range can reach 3m with Handheld reader, 5m with Fixed reader. LP-8020 widely applied in Production Line, Warehouse management, etc.   Features: Rivet and Adhesive installation Industrial […]

Long Range Rugged PCB UHF tag For Warehouse Logistic Management(LP-7022)   Description: LP-7022 is a metallic UHF rfid tag, with proper size, excellent writing and reading performance. It support at least 1.8 m reading range, can be applied in various harsh indoor and outdoor environment. It usually apply in Industrial manufacturing management, warehouse logistic management,etc. […]

Rugged RFID PCB tags Applied in Industrial Management(LP-5313)   Description: LP-5313(53*13*2.8mm) is a rugged PCB tag, with proper size and excellent reading and writing performance. It can be used in harsh outdoor environment, applied in the Industrial Manufacturing Management, Warehouse Management, Big Equipment Management and Asset Management,etc.     Features: Proper size with adhesive installation […]

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