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Mini RFID UHF Tracking On Metal Tags(LP-0909)   Description: This mini UHF rfid tag LP-0909 is specially designed for rfid tool tracking system. It provides good performance on-metal carrier. It can be read well in outdoor and harsh industrial environments. This UHF Passive RFID Tag is ideally suitable for asset tracking, surgical instruments management,gun control. […]

Smart Ceramic Alien Smallest RFID Asset Metal Tags(LP-1005)   Description: The LP-1005 is the small passive UHF RFID tag, specially designed for the IT Asset management, Gun Control, Surgical Instrument management.This ceramic rfid tag work well in hard environment,and meet the long-term durability characteristics.   Features: Small passive RFID metal tag Can be embedded in […]

Asset Tracking Passive UHF RFID Metal Tags(LP-1207-T)   Description: The LP-1207-t is epc gen 2 passive uhf rfid tag,this uhf tag is the upgraded ceramic tags from LP-1207 (1.2mm thickness). It is designed for metal surfaces, usually used in small IT asset management, gun control. The reading distance on metal can reach 30cm.   Features: Slimmest […]

Custom Design RFID Passive Electronic On Metal Tags(LP-1309)   Description: The LP-1309 is a small uhf rfid tag with excellent reading and writing performance,this uhf tag is designed for Surgical instruments management, IT asset management, gun control. LP-1309 support embedded application, can be applied to harsh environment.The reading distance on metal can reach 1m.   […]

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