As a professional supplier of special on-metal UHF tags, LightPioneer help our solutions partner accomplish the electrical safety equipment management project for South China Power Group, utilizing our SMART metal-mount UHF tag series, which is specially designed for small metallic tool, little metal containers etc. with limited space for tags.


By comparing various candidate’s UHF tags, our LP-1207 slim tag was deeply impressed by the Lin Li, who is the minister of logistics Department of the power group. Thanks to the LP-1207 model’s smart design 12*7 mm(thickness is only 1.5 mm), and it conforms with requirement for more than 0.3 M reading distance by handheld reader. Featuring the compact design with super slim thickness, end-users could expediently make our UHF tags embedded to the heat-shrinkable tubing and fix it with the screwdriver tools, it provide an innovation solutions that it’s difficult to find a good way to fix the RFID on-metal tags on the small tools.


ultra slim uhf rfid tag

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